Railway Maintenance 4.0

Reduce costs without stopping

Now it is possible to optimize the investment
with the train in movement

Automating maintenance avoids the purchase of trains and the need to have great workforces

The railway fleets are oversized. The need to allocate part of the budget to acquire more trains than needed for service to replace those performing maintenance generates large expenses that could be reduced drastically automating the service with the Railway Maintenance 4.0 from Temac.

At the same time, while maintenance is based on the manual diagnosis forces you to have big workforces and little optimized and a excessive stock of spare parts.

Temac, alta velocidad ferroviaria

High speed

11 trains in service, 1 in maintenance
Temac, alta velocidad


4% of out-of-service trains
Temac, inspección y mantenimiento ferroviario


41% of the tasks are inspection or measurement
Automated via laser measurement or image recognition.

Temac, inspección y mantenimiento ferroviario


23% are operating check.
Automatable taking the train control.

Temac, inspección y mantenimiento ferroviario

Spare parts

10% of condition based substitutions.
With automation we can predict the assets life by controlling the wear on route.

The Temac railway maintenance 4.0 reduces manual diagnostics at least in 60% and total maintenance costs between 10 and 15%

More savings, security, speed and reliability

With the Temac’s railway maintenance 4.0 the existing model is improved, since many tasks of the current protocol can be automated. Thanks to technology it is possible to optimize the results in time and money. This allows to reduce train stop time at workshop, minimizing the investment needed in trains to give the same service level and reducing the workforce to perform the revisions. At the same time, this new model, based on the constant traceability of the assets, turns maintenance into a safer, faster and more reliable process.

How do we do it?

The TEMAC project is innovative in its concept: Current maintenance plan is applied but we change the way we do it. Ours is a proactive process: automating the on route review by means of artificial vision techniques, before the train arrives at the workshop, the specific anomalies are detected and therefore we can foresee the tasks to be done. Because of this, the workshop time is minimized. With TEMAC, the maintenance of the train will be as a Formula 1 pit stop.

Not just trains

The introduction of technology in railway maintenance is a journey of no return. It will also be like that in other industries, like the automotive industry for example. When the right time comes, in TEMAC we will be ready to provide practical and effective solutions.

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